About Us


Americome LLC has years of experience in the international consumer electronics market. We have a structured, dynamic, competitive work team, committed to their work and with a great sense of belonging. We permanently innovate in our processes and technology services portfolio in the face of challenging market changes.

  • We constantly bet on new projects to renew our offer and add value to our
    customers, innovating in products, services, knowledge transfers and growth..
  • We help our customers obtain the most innovative electronic products, from top brands and at competitive prices.
  • We currently have a large inventory with more than 40 leading brands in the consumer electronics and computer industry.


We recognize the importance of electronic consumer products being delivered quickly,
safely and efficiently.

  • Our logistics team provides a quick solution in the preparation, packaging and shipping of products anywhere in the world.
  • We keep customers informed about the status of their orders, until they
    are received in each of their destinations.
  • We also deliver free of charge, to any address within the NY – NJ area.
  • Customers are constantly informed about the status of their orders, until they are
    received in each of their destinations.


Understanding that markets change, that customers evolve and find comfort when making a purchase. Americome has generated an initiative in the market with the sole purpose of supporting its customers with:

  • Support and confidence
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Excellent logistics
  • Sales growth
  • Immediate response times


If you are looking for some advice, have doubts you'd like to clear up or you simply want to say something about the products we offer, you have come to the right page.