AMD steps up its Ryzen game with 45W chips

Ryzen and shine. AMD has released new laptop chips and expect their glitter to come through in high performance laptops. Namely, AMD has listed Ryzen 7 2800H and Ryzen 5 2600H on its website, said Tom’s Hardware.

They carry Vega-powered graphics.

Tech watchers kept mentioning “45 W” in talking about the chips. What’s that all about?

Anton Shilov in AnandTech said the chips consume up to 45 W. “AMD’s latest H-series APUs use with a 45 W default TDP can be configured down or up to support 35 W or 54 W TDPs.” Shilov said this was giving AMD’s customers a range of options for balancing performance with energy efficiency.

The new models, said Nick Farrell in Fudzilla, indicated similar designs as their desktop counterparts but with “slightly redesigned in frequencies to adjust for mobile cooling and battery life limitations.”

The 45W TDP (TDP stands for thermal design power), said Farrell, was lower than 65W TDP on desktop gear.

Paul Alcorn commented in Tom’s Hardware that “these should be pretty powerful chips for the gaming laptop segment.”

Shannon Liao in The Verge commented that “the new chips could mark AMD’s expansion into more notebooks and mobile workstations.”

Paul Taylor in TechSpot said, “AMD is using GlobalFoundries to repackage 2400G and 2200G Ryzen processors into a notebook package (FP5 BGA) which will allow consumers to enjoy desktop-class performance in a notebook-class device.”

Competition? Who should be on notice?

Shannon Liao said in The Verge: “Although some laptops use AMD chips today, the market is largely ruled by Intel. With these new chips, AMD isn’t going after the common consumer PC, but the higher-end models that could help build its reputation as a true rival to Intel.”

So, what’s the word on pricing and availability?

“It is worth noting,” said Kishalaya Kundu in Beebom, “that AMD hasn’t issued any press release to officially announce the new launches, but they have been listed in the company’s product catalog.”

Alcorn turned to the pricing topic: “AMD lists the processors as available on September 10, but there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so pricing remains unknown. These processors will land at OEM and ODM customers, so pricing will likely depend upon volume.”

AnandTech said they did not have any official information concerning pricing and availability of these new processors but that one could expect to see the company offering laptops that are powered by such processors in the coming months.

Taylor in TechSpot seemed not surprised over the lack of pricing information as of yet. He wrote that “no retail pricing is provided for these CPUs as they exist, generally, as OEM components.”